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What is the First Step to File a Personal Injury Claim

When you receive an injury that potentially qualifies for financial compensation, it's natural to wonder, "Where do I begin the process?" For some, this is where the overwhelm begins. It's not uncommon to research the steps but then tumble down a rabbit hole of legal jargon and unclear steps, leaving you more stressed and confused than ever.

What is the First Step to File a Personal Injury Claim

In this article, we discuss what a personal claim injury is, how to file one, and the steps from beginning to end - in a way that is useful to you and easy to understand.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

Before initiating any legal proceedings, knowing the foundational elements of a personal injury claim is crucial.

One is entitled to pursue a personal injury claim in the event of sustaining physical or psychological damages resulting from an incident or occurrence that occurred through no fault. Additionally, personal injury claims may be advanced in instances where an accident has tragically led to the wrongful death of a family member.

Personal injury claims are restricted to events that negatively affect a person's well-being physically and mentally. Should you want compensation for property damage, you might want to consider a property damage claim instead.

Examples of Personal Injuries Used in Claims

There is no limit to what kind of personal injuries qualify for a claim. If the cause was the fault of another party and there was harm to your physical or mental health, you have a right to claim compensation. But let's look at a few examples.

Many people slip on wet floors in a shop. While one might appreciate that the staff keeps the store clean, a dangerously wet floor should be cordoned off with warnings. Without such precautions, a customer who slips and breaks a leg rightfully has a personal injury claim. One can also claim for car accidents, work injuries, and even harm that resulted from faulty products.

How to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Once you are confident you have a good case, it's time to learn what goes into filing a personal injury lawsuit. The first step in a personal injury lawsuit will be a consultation with your attorney so they can note the case's particulars, and you must also provide your legal team with medical evidence of your injuries. The latter is a crucial part of winning fair compensation. Make sure you compile a collection of doctor's letters, hospital records, medical expenses, photos, and anything else that might help to prove your case.

The personal injury litigation process then officially begins. Your legal team might contact the at-fault party and their insurance company to see if a satisfactory settlement can be agreed upon outside of court. If not, a complaint is filed. The paperwork is submitted to the court and contains a review of your case, the at-fault party's details (also known as the defendant), and a plea for justice, among other things.

A summons is then served to the defendant, informing them of your complaint and its entails. The summons also notifies them of the deadline by which they must respond with an answer or request a case dismissal. Once the defendant responds, both sides' attorneys gather and share evidence to see if an agreement can be reached. In most cases, a resolution occurs outside of court.

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